Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look at me I titled a post

I finally had my first breakdown of tears for absolutely no apparent reason (I'm pregnant remember). Poor Nathan comes home from work simply to eat lunch and supervise a worker that was installing a shelf in our house. Right when I was about to go work out and in the process of looking for my earphones, he was about to give me a hug and asked if I was okay.

My response: I suddenly burst into tears and fell in his arms. I'm sure he was completely mortified, given that I really just don't cry that much, but I married a good one and he did an excellent job at making me feel like bawling over lost earphones was completely normal and understandable.

My conclusion: stop watching back to back episodes of pregnancy shows which all happened to be delivered by C section that day.

Right now we are in the process of "brainstorming" names for our little man. God had a sense of humor in pairing the two most indecisive people together in holy matrimony. So far the one name I loved, he hated. The one name I liked, he loves. And then there is one name that we both like a lot. I'm not sure what the time line is to name your child, there's actually a lot of things I'm unsure about with this whole pregnancy thing, but I know that God is of this. And that comforts me more than anything.

This picture was taken a week ago at 18 weeks. I swear it's insane what a week can do because my little alien seems to bulging out several inches more now.

My parents decided last second to pack up the car and head to Destin for a family vacation.... minus the family. My only participation in this family vacation is I get to watch their dog Oscar. I think they realized family vacation is not quite the same without the family because she texted yesterday to let us know that the WHOLE family will be going next year. It's funny to think of all the little boys that will be running around with the Carmack clan. We have always been a family of girls and I have absolutely no idea what to expect with boys. Luckily Nathan has that area covered.

I had to get a picture of Lincoln riding our dog Chloe. :) We had Melissa and Jason over for a cookout one night and the kid is a sucker for dogs. What you see Chloe doing right here is pretty much as active as she gets. Sitting in the backyard. The poor thing cherishes her sleep.

In closing, I saw Inception last night. I went into it knowing full well that I was going to come out being completely confused and I was okay with that. I followed it more than I thought I would and actually liked it a lot. So yes, I would recommend.

That's all for now....thanks for caring.

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  1. is it just me or does chloe resemble oscar some? and don't worry - happy thoughts from my blog land arriving soon.