Friday, February 4, 2011

*December* (Yes I know it's February)

Here are the first few weeks of our little man's life. These were also the hardest weeks of our lives. Not going to sugar coat it. He did not sleep at night. Not only did he not sleep but he wanted to scream a lot. The practical thing to do would be to sleep during the day while he was sleeping. But I couldn't help but stare at his precious little face and take a million too many pictures of him while he was not crying. So this caused me to become a walking zombie. And at night I was just a plain crazy person.

Thankfully, he figured it out. I woke up panicked one morning at 4 am realizing that he has been asleep for 6 whole hours and has not woken up to eat. I did what everyone tells you that you are going to do. I got down by his swing and just stared at him for 5 minutes straight watching his chest rise up and down. He was breathing and he has been breathing ever since.

Tucker's first smile :)

His converse shoes that Minnie made for him

Tucker's BFF Asa

Then there were three

Cousins first Christmas

No matter how sleep deprived you are, nothing can warm your heart more than that precious face. :)

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  1. Aw I just love yall!! This snow is keeping me away from my little friend!! I hope you're enjoying your days off with your little man!!