Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Blessings

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.  
Psalm 19:1

I stare at the sky quite a bit lately.  I'm not sure what I am looking for but there is something so peaceful and extraordinary about how it's ever changing but never ceases to take your breath away. There have been numerous times when I will come to a screeching halt in my car and pull over on a busy highway  to take a picture of the sky.  Usually it's of a "T" that the clouds have formed so perfectly.  I actually have this weird pain in my neck now that I think is a result of staring at the sky when I go running.  I'm sure I don't look like a crazy person at all.

Nathan came outside one night when I was standing in the middle of the backyard staring at the moon and the stars.  We just stood there staring.  There's an anticipation now that I've never known.  Maybe I just want a front row seat when the clouds depart for His return.  Maybe I am really taking that verse literally about "keeping watch."

Maybe it's knowing that this precious boy is sitting next to the one that controls the clouds, sun, moon, stars, and entire universe that I am trying to patiently live in right now.  All of a sudden, His creation around me is coming to life as I realize how He speaks through His works.

For the past couple of months now, I have been seeing white butterflies everywhere I go.  The very first thing I see in the morning when I look outside is a white butterfly.  When I go running, I will be praying and see a white butterfly.  I don't remember the last time when a day has gone by and I haven't seen one.

The moment I found out Meryn McCall went to be with Jesus, I went to the window, closed my eyes, and started praying.  When I opened them, there were two white butterflies in the window directly in front of me.

I finally decided to go figure out what the symbolism is for white butterflies.  I stared in disbelief at my computer and said out loud "you've got to be kidding me."  There were three definitions that immediately popped up in my google search.  Representation of past soul.  Guardian angel.  Resurrection.

So then I became obsessed with taking pictures of white butterflies.  To the point where I would sit outside in the grass with my camera in hand.  Just waiting.  I was with a group of friends one night where everyone was going on about what they did that day.  Then I realized there was no way of getting around saying that I spent my entire day looking at butterflies.

Another sweet blessing in our lives has been the births of our precious niece and nephew.

Adelynn McMahan

and Ven Phillips

I prayed for these two precious babies this morning.  That they would grow up to know Jesus and fulfill His purpose for their lives.  They are the sweetest things and such a reminder of His redeeming love.

I believe that God is good.  I believe that He is the Creator of all things.  I believe that He is in control.

Tucker would have been 18 months today.  Yes it is hard, but each second that goes by is one second closer to when I get to see him again.


  1. we saw three white butterflies flying together on our walk this morning. Lincoln tried to catch them. :) Loved all the things that remind me of Tucker every day. Love you

  2. Your writing teaches me so much, Amy, and consistently points me to Jesus. Keep it coming!

  3. Amy, thanks for another masterpiece of observations and thoughts in your blog! How gracious of our God to give you these beautiful pictures along with the certainty of Hope!

  4. Blessed to read your blog! May our gracious heavenly Father continue to pour His love into your sweet family! What a blessing you are to so many through your pain and suffering.....because you know Him and have His hope! May others come to know this peace that you inhabit!

  5. I saw a white butterfly today for the first time in my life and immediately thought back to this post. I recently lost my Mamaw to cancer and couldn't help but tell her "hello" when I saw this white butterfly today. Thank you for sharing this post. I don't know you, but your posts have had a great impact on me. I love your love for Jesus

    1. That's so great! I actually saw one today too! They have been much more rare to see now but it almost make it that much more special when I do see one... Thanks for sharing and so sorry about your loss. Glad you have a heart for Jesus :)